Leaning into intuition, searching for a flicker of light, recognition dawns as every card unfurls petal by petal a new verse in the epic poem of our own soul’s Odyssey. The Tarot is a looking glass into who we are, as we are; all that is, as it is; a reflective surface upon which we gaze to peer into the Mystery, gather our bearings, and empower ourselves with higher knowledge, judgment, and choice.

Where am I now? Where am I headed? What crosses me? What bolsters me? What takes or distracts from my energy? A new focus for an empowering future.

I consider it my life’s greatest honor to wander side by side with you on your pilgrimage to personal empowerment, Seeker. Together we will part the veil of confusion, uncover hidden beliefs, liberate forbidden territories, and search the exotic moonlit gardens of your Psyche for the wisdom that your Higher Self already knows.

Two-card customized PDF readings are $12.67.

Six-card customized PDF readings are $46.65.

Twelve-card customized PDF readings are $93.00.