This Witch’s Kitchen Spell #1 – Magickal Banana Bread

Spell #1 

Magickal Banana Bread 

A Recipe For Joy & Abundance

Step One: Prepare Your Kitchen

This step isn’t one hundred percent necessary if you’re in a hurry, but I find that a clean workspace makes for better magick. Wash any dishes you may have in the sink and put them away. Clean the countertops, and set up a simple altar if you can – just a candle will do, or you may choose to represent all four elements and make your altar as elaborate as you desire. I also like to cast a circle in my kitchen, so do that during this step as well, if you wish.

Step Two: Activate The Magick Ingredients

When working with kitchen witchcraft, I find it best to focus on either one or just a few ingredients, to make them the star of the show. Effective magick requires clear intention, and the less I have to focus on, the better. 

For this recipe, the two “star” ingredients are bananas and cinnamon. Energetically speaking, bananas hold the power of luck and good fortune, and therefore (to me), they also encourage feelings of happiness/joy. Cinnamon, of course, is a powerful fire-element spice that inspires confidence, strong attraction and vitality, and adds an extra “oomph” to ANY magickal working.  

There are many procedures that one can use to empower magickal ingredients, but I will list two of the most practical methods here. 

One way is to simply hold your hands above the ingredients (or place them in your hands) and say a prayer of awakening while visualizing a white light pouring into them. 

Another way (my preferred method) is to use a wand, and I like to use my wand as often as possible throughout the process of magickal cooking. Wands act as energetic conduits, and although they essentially do the same thing as our hands/visualization in magick, I personally feel they do a “better” job of intensely distilling the energy for more….well, ‘pointed’ magick. (That being said, I DO NOT believe anyone “needs” a wand or any other tool to perform effective spells/rituals! It’s all about energy/intention!) To use my wand, I simply state my intention and imagine light pouring into the ingredients; and I also like to tap the bowl or vessel while I’m at it, cementing my incantation with a, “So mote it be,” or “And so it is.”

Suggested Incantations (Or better yet, write your own!):

For The Bananas

With these bananas, I awaken abundance within me,
To manifest itself in joy and prosperity.
May all that I touch and all that I see 
Be made better with love,
Be made better by me. 

With this spell, I receive all that I need,
Be it money, joy, or opportunity I reap. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Blessed be. And so it is.

For The Cinnamon

Cinnamon of Fire, power of spice,
Give me the confidence to walk through my life.
Begging for nothing, and asking for more,
The courage to say “yes” to opportunities at my door.

May I be a magnet to success, but may I also be wise,
And use the power of cinnamon as God sees fit in Her eyes.
With the best of my intention, cinnamon heed my prayer, 
May I be bold enough to claim what’s mine, and open enough to share. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Blessed be. And so it is. 

Step Three: Start Cooking!

Now that your ingredients are empowered, you can start following your recipe. I followed this recipe for the bread in the picture above:

Here is a great vegan option as well (I’ve made it before, and it’s just as delicious):

You can also say a final prayer before popping your bread into the oven, and voila – you’ve made yourself some magically charged banana bread! Be mindful when eating this bread, and you are bound to experience positive results. 

Thank you for joining me in This Witch’s Kitchen, and happy baking!

Much love,



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