Mystic Monday Reading Winner 6-17-19

An idea came to me last Sunday during my early morning reverie; an idea that excited me so much that I acted upon it immediately and declared my intention to my Instagram followers via this post (on the left):

I enjoyed the process so much that I’ve decided to make it a weekly staple in our community, so follow Seeker Spirit on Instagram and stay tuned every weekend for your chance to win a free mini reading on the topic of your choice, posted anonymously on my feed the following Monday!

🌟Free-Two Card Reading Winner🌟

🌙This Seeker asked: should I move to another state or should I stay put?🌙

✨It is my practice as a Reader to refrain from answering “should” questions with a simple “yes” or a “no” reading. I find it much more beneficial to instead offer the querent insights into two options – Path A or Path B – in this case, what her life might look like if she moved and what her life might look like if she stayed.✨

☄️Option A – VII The Chariot☄️
Should you decide to move to a new state, you will be called to challenge your beliefs surrounding who you are and what you think is possible. This card shows that you will be called to manage the momentum you’ve created, to test yourself and know that you are capable of balancing the moving parts of a co-creative life. This is a major arcana card, meaning that this is a spiritual lesson that you are meant to learn in this lifetime, and “moving to another state” is a metaphor for moving to another state of being, one in which you feel confident and capable in making huge, positive strides forward for yourself. Whether or not you choose to physically move to a new state in the U.S. is almost beside the point (but not completely irrelevant, of course), because we can stay in the same cycles no matter where we are. The Chariot says that the most important lesson is to learn that you CAN embrace life’s challenges; you CAN take on new adventures. This card does suggest that moving to a new place would be beneficial for you but remember that you must BECOME the Charioteer right NOW, not after you’ve settled into your new life in your new home. Don’t wait to start rising to the occasion of life. Your journey starts now. Be who you want to become NOW.

🖤Option B – V of Cups🖤

The Five of Cups is a card of mourning what was or could have been, staying stuck in the past and grappling with the same old paradigms, cycles, and addictions when we could be in the present, planning for the future. (Have you ever heard the phrase – “You can’t plan the future from the past?”) It should be noted, however, that there are no “bad” cards of the Tarot, it only ever shows us a snapshot of what is. With this card, you may find yourself mourning a lost opportunity should you “stay put” (because the Page of Pentacles was on the bottom of the deck), but even then you still have the power of choice. We can, in any given moment or situation, choose how to respond. We can set our intention for growth, or cyclical avoidance. How you choose to move through life is up to you, but change is always inevitable. The question is really, “Will I wait in resistance; or will I step up and take the reins to steer my vessel as I am pulled by my Soul’s true desires?” The choice has only ever been yours, Seeker. ❤️✨❤️


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