3 Journal Prompts For Heart-based Living

“God gave us Consciousness – the ability to think and to seek, to make connections and grow – but more importantly, She gave us the Heart to return to.” –  Z.G. Morning Muse 04/13/2019

I found peace within the pages of my journal this morning, but these words came after the fact when I realized what I had just done. The pen dropped from my hand and I sank back into my chair, staring at myself in the mirror (I write at my vanity); and suddenly it all came back to me…what it feels like to give myself over, to write from the Heart, to remember where my true home resides, beyond all circumstance and form.

This is why I started to put pen to paper in the first place, to give myself space and permission to be more than what I have been, more than what I currently am. Writing is a way of summoning substance, of raising ourselves from the dead, to bring us back to open awareness and appreciation of life. Ideally, when we journal this would our objective – to open our Hearts, to call our minds back home, to mark the page and walk away feeling more whole and harmonious than when we sat down.

If you feel like your life lacks intention or connection to yourself and/or the Divine, why not try a fresh approach to your journaling practice? Rather than slipping into mindlessness and regurgitating the same tired affirmations and recollections of the day, why not use this valuable time to hone your ability to listen to your Heart Of Hearts?

Consider this your invitation to reclaim your Soul, dear Seeker! Sit down with pen and paper, and be the channel for your own Genius! Write to the best of your ability whatever comes through; let go and let your Higher Self lead you through a vast and varied inner landscape. Give the following journal prompts a genuine try. Incomprehensible magic occurs when we write down a question and still ourselves for the answer. Do not be discouraged if the words come slow and fragmented at first; translating a pearl of subtle, feeling wisdom into language is no easy feat, after all, and the element of meditation is essential. Allow yourself to just start writing, even if it’s, “I have no idea what to say, but I feel x, y, z.” By the end of your session, you will be impressed by what you’ve learned.


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