The Tower

*Note: God = “Source”/Creator/Universe/Great Mystery to me.

Hello, Seekers. I hope 2019 finds you well. I personally am in the throes of a Tower-scale shitshow.

In the typical tough-love fashion of the Universe, The Tower knocked me to my knees just before the new year began. It was entirely my fault, believe me. I had become far too content with siphoning the resources of my lover so that I could continue playing the long game of Resistance, and God* rightfully decided it was time to sink my last ship down.

My life right now remains very much about that Tower moment. I still feel the bruise from hitting the ground, and when I let myself get too carried away, it’s like I’m falling from grace all over again. But even though everything is still raw, I am at least learning to surrender as the dust settles; taking tentative, clumsy steps forward through the murky clouds, squinting, feeling, letting God lead the way.

Make no mistake – none of this is easy, or pretty, or desirable. The Tower only shows up in our lives when nothing else gets our attention. As a reader, I often tell clients that the silver lining to The Tower is that it technically is a “gift” from the Divine, and that may be true, but we mustn’t downplay the severity of the situation. It’s a wake-up call, a siren in the night, a final warning from God Herself. We know when we see this card that a tsunami is coming, and if we don’t get out of the way (or make definitive changes), we will be hit and hit hard, with no guarantee for recovery.

As I mentioned in the video, The Tower was my card for Personal Transformation for the year ahead. But even though I was given a head’s up, I ignored the warning. I was afraid of what The Tower meant for me, so I pretended like it never happened at all. In retrospect, I could have been with it, pulled more cards, and asked the Divine for resources, not to avoid the situation (because in the upright, the Tower is unavoidable) but to find a way to fall as gracefully as possible and soften the blow.

Needless to say, I learned my lesson. And now I pass that wisdom on to you, Seeker, should you face a Tower in your life.

What To Do When The Tower Shows Up In A Reading

If the Tower shows up in a reading, I would highly suggest asking for more information.

Questions like:

Spirit, what does this card mean for me?

Why is it here? How is it manifesting in my life?

What can I do to lessen the blow? (Or if it’s in the reverse) How can I avoid this situation if possible? What is the lesson here?

The more you know, the easier it is to accept the situation and adapt your actions and decisions for the best possible outcome. Remember, the medicine is not to deny or run away, but to learn to face our problems head-on.

What To Do When The Lightning Strikes The Tower

If like in my situation, the lightning has already hit your tower, and you’re falling or picking yourself up off the ground, here are a few tips to help get you through this tough time:


I chose this word because I know how much you probably hate it and because it’s the only word radical enough to shock you into presence. If you are in recovery from a Tower event, then you must lay down your pride, your ego, and your hurt feelings to fully accept what is. At this point, it’s not necessary to understand “why”. That will come later with healing and time. Right now your best chance of survival and starting anew rests in your ability to let go and receive assistance; and to do that, you must fully surrender. Not “release resistance”, we’re beyond that now (resistance occurs when we’re fighting the inevitable, but what was going to happen has already happened); but give yourself away to Divine Will, place everything in Its hands and allow yourself to be carried through.

You might be wondering what the fuck it means to be “carried through” by the invisible “hands” of some “God”, “Goddess”, or “Spirit.” Good question. The feeling is different for everyone, but the mechanics, I believe, are universal.

First, we must come to stillness. Maybe you need to cry and scream and throw yourself at a punching bag before you can be still, or maybe you need only sit quietly on your knees, head bowed, ready to listen. Do whatever you need to do to let peace take its place, and be in that silence for a few minutes.

Next, begin to pray. Pray for forgiveness, for strength, for guidance. Pray with acceptance, and a willingness to hand it all over to something bigger than yourself.

Then, pray with gratitude. Give thanks through your tears, despite the anger, frustration, or embarrassment. Say thank you for having had the chance to know love and to be shown the value of it, thank you for the opportunity to remember what matters, or the freedom to start anew. The Tower has most likely forced you to lose or endure something, but no matter how shitty the experience was, there is a lesson and a gift inside of it somewhere. Give thanks for that gift, and declare that you are ready to be carried through to what is truly meant for you.

Be Gentle

Don’t kick yourself while you’re down, Seeker. No matter your level of responsibility for what might have happened in your Tower situation, no good comes from hating yourself for it.

It will often take time for the spiritual work you’re doing to feel like it’s kicking in, so you may need to ask your Guides to hold your hand for a while and check in with yourself constantly as you move forward. I know that I personally have been on a roller-coaster of emotion in the aftermath of my Tower destruction, and the only thing that gets me through is keeping my eyes fixed on the Divine, and asking for help many, many times a day.

This does not mean that you are weak. It takes immense strength to be humble and vulnerable enough to hand your pain over and ask for guidance.

Asking for what we need and want in life gives us back our power. It’s why most of us became Seekers and Witches – to reclaim who we are and the way we live. So never feel bad for walking your unique path and doing whatever you have to do to keep yourself upright.

Sending you all so much love and light,



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  1. Casey says:

    Powerful and so needed right now. Enjoyed reading this, Zetta!

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