Never Underestimate The Power Of A Good Lipstick

Beauty and self-care routines are SO important for witchy women. Many of us come to this path because we feel powerless or stuck in our lives, but we sense that there must be more. As we start learning our Craft, we begin to realize the value of self-love, so naturally, we incorporate it into our magic. When we pamper and respect ourselves, our magic grows stronger.

One of the most vivid memories of my grandmother that lingers to this day is watching her carefully glide a golden tube of Avon lipstick (always red or mauve) across her lips in the mirror of her car’s console. She never left the house or accepted company without it, and she would always offer some to me, “To brighten up that face.” Now every time I put on lipstick I think of her, and I understand why a woman who never wore a stitch of any other makeup would make this display of vanity non-negotiable. Lipstick, especially in vibrant colors, demands attention. And if worn with intention and intelligence, a good lip can create a subtle, yet powerful spell to enhance your magnetism and luck.

Color Magic For The Lips

There are no rules for witches that aren’t meant to be broken. If a particular color of lipstick makes you feel a certain way that contradicts or isn’t listed in the associations below, always, always, always, go with your intuition and use the lipstick you want. It’s your intention that counts, after all. The following are associations that happen to ring true for me.

Nude, Pink, or Rose – adds sweetness to everyday life, cultivates a sense of poise

Coral – invites freshness, encourages flexibility, aids in seeing things from a new perspective

Red – invokes luxury, commands authority, helps connect with ancestral wisdom

Berry & Purple – invites connection to mystery and magic

The lipstick that you choose may be a combination of these colors and the associated meanings. For example, the lipstick I have here is a vibrant berry-pink called Protea by 100% Pure. Therefore, I chose to empower it with the intention to bring about poise and to encourage connection with magic.

The Spell


Once you have chosen your lipstick to empower, prepare yourself for spellwork. Take a shower or ritual bath, choose clothing that makes you feel powerful, wear makeup if you wish, and then set up your sacred space. I have practiced many different styles of magic over the years, and I’ve found that what I do during spellwork doesn’t matter as much as how I do it. If I approach my magic with reverence, respect, and a little bit of preparation, the outcome is so much better than if I half-assed it. A half-assed spell begets half-assed results.

Cast your circle as per your preference. I’ve cast circle via white-light visualization, calling on my ethereal council, and invoking the archangels as I turn to each direction. My favorite (and my most effective) way is to put physical representations of the elements in a circle around me and invoke their power starting in the East for Air, South for Fire, West for Water, and Earth for North. Then I stand in the center of my circle facing North and invite Spirit/Aether to bind the circle together.

Light your intention candle.

Hold your lipstick in your hands, uncapped so you can see the color, and think about the essence you wish to invoke. How do you want to feel when you wear this color on your lips? Do you have a particular goal in mind? I.e. – to get a better job or to be a star employee, to attract romance or to encourage self-love, to spark creativity, motivation or resourcefulness, etc. Imagine yourself feeling the way you want to feel and living the way you want to live as you hold your lipstick, sending that energy into the pigment and tube.

When you feel that you are ready, speak the following intention or create your own:

Goddess Within and Goddess Without,
I invoke thy presence and ask for thy blessings to empower this object with the essence of my desires. I ask to be made a match to something equal to, or better than, that which I seek.

(Speak your desires/intention.)

Goddess, if it is in your will, so mote it be.

(Put on the lipstick, then close the lid.)

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Blessed be. And so it is.

Close your circle, thanking and releasing the elements going counterclockwise, starting with Water, Fire, Air, and then Earth. Thank Spirit for binding your circle. Declare your circle closed. I like to say something like,  “This circle is now closed. I ask my angels, guardians, and guides to make sure that it is so.”

Blow out your candles (or let them burn if you wish), neatly put away your tools if they’re in the middle of the floor, and then move on with your magical day, knowing that good things are to come.  


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